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Training The Trainer "TTT"


In this ever changing and fast paced world of personal training, even the trainers need coaching and guidance, specifically in their physical space design, pricing, scheduling, business operations and overall branding. Live Play Work can build the space needed to attract client’s for any Trainer, but keeping them and attracting new clients for the future goes way beyond the physical space; it requires careful planning, and meticulous attention to the client’s needs and scheduling. The day of “building it and they will come…” is over.

Maximizing profitability while maintaining a high level of personal attention to a client is every trainer’s main focus. Adjustments are always needed with a Trainer’s client base as well as the physical space they train; in addition to business policies and practices.

At Live Play Work we have found that many of our clients who we have assisted in building amazing training facilities and studios have reached out to Live Play Work for more than just space design, they ask our opinion on how they can better serve their clients and themselves in both their businesses and their personal growth.

Being complaisant in this industry can be a trainer’s worst nightmare; and while you may think and believe things will never change, they always do. Looking to the future and planning is the most effective way of attaining continued success. For this reason alone the TTT program exists and the main reason Live Play Work has developed this program.

Live Play Work during the initial consultation with the Trainer and their business will be able to identify existing issues and possible future issues that could negatively impact the business. Also Live Play Work will be able to construct a plan to assist the Trainer with all aspects of their business moving forward. We will take the time needed to listen and understand the Trainer and their business. We will also be there as a strategic partner to assist and make sure that every goal of the their business is attained.

Live Play Work no only wants to assist in building your facility we want to make sure your goals, dreams and future growth become a reality.

Don’t wait any longer and contact Live Play Work today…


Types of Services Provided in the TTT program:


-Space Design to optimize the client’s experience.

-Scheduling practices.

-Organizing your space and your business.

-Template design.


-Finding and keeping your “Niche” market.

-Attaining and growing profitability.

-Marketing for growth.

-Understanding the client.

-Selling your service.

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