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Live Play Work can create spaces that inspire and are incredible to be in. At Live Play Work we can work with any home owner to stage/design rooms that will attract and have people talking. We can provide numerous services and for any budget.



Live Play Work combines many years of design experience, an appreciation of current trends in decor, and expert knowledge of the home purchasing process to create inviting spaces with broad appeal to a wide range of buyers.

From space-challenged urban condos to luxury estate homes, we expertly design and stage both vacant and occupied properties to achieve the maximum return on investment in the shortest period of time.


The Process:

During our estimate process we determine your unique needs and budget, and tailor our services to fit.

Using a proven approach, our home staging experts evaluate each home inside and out, recommending the strategies that will create the most engaging presentation. These range from lighting, furniture choice and placement, art and finishing touches to landscaping and exterior enhancements.

We then draw on our extensive inventory of furniture and accessories we have, selecting from traditional, contemporary and emerging trend collections. We continually source new items and home elements, and use gallery quality artworks to complete the staging process.

We offer comprehensive and professional staging services and can take care of everything needed to get a home ready to sell. Or if you prefer to do it yourself, we can provide the guidance you need. We can also coordinate almost every kind of service that may be needed to prepare your home for the market, including painting, repairs, landscaping, and remodeling.



Occupied Homes:

Once we have had an opportunity to visit your home and evaluate your existing furnishings, we can recommend how

to utilize them most effectively. We will refine and enhance your property with additional furnishings, accessories and artwork from our own large inventory and resource networks. We can also provide many other services or recommendations in order to assist you in preparing your home for sale.


Vacant Properties and Model Suites:

An empty home or condo, no matter how attractive or beautifully finished, is a lonely and puzzling prospect for a home buyer. Live Play Work’s designers provide life, style and purpose to vacant spaces. In addition to vacant home and condo listings, we specialize in staging model suites and homes for major developers and custom luxury home builders.




Preparing to sell your home can be extremely daunting, so  Live Play Work offers in-depth consultations to give you a practical road map to follow. We spend from one to three hours (depending on the size of your home) evaluating every aspect of your home inside and out. We will then provide you with detailed recommendations for de-cluttering and furniture placement, as well as important curb appeal elements like landscaping and exterior considerations.

Contact Live Play Work for more information on our various staging services and pricing.



What is Home Staging?

The art and science of preparing a home to sell in the shortest time for the highest value

Appealing to a wide range of potential buyers, a professionally staged home maximizes the value of each showing by highlighting your property’s best features. Combining furnishings, lighting and décor with years of design experience and real estate knowledge, home staging creates that compelling first impression that makes properties more attractive, memorable and, most importantly, desirable to home buyers.


Is it worth it?

It’s hard to argue with the facts…

A fast, top-dollar sale depends on showing your home at its sparkling best. Live Play Work’s staging knowledge has reaped big returns for our clients since 2008. Statistics show that home staging increases a property’s value from 5-11%. Moreover, a professionally staged home or condo will show better than the competition and will usually sell faster than un-staged listings.


Does staging matter?

It’s like setting the stage for a romantic first date!

Home buyers typically make a decision within the first few moments. They must envision themselves in their home, not your home. After all, a home has to appeal to the buyer’s dream of how they want to live. Therefore, creating a stunning space free of territorial (or psychological) barriers is crucial. We draw on our expert knowledge of real estate marketing, combined with our proven design and merchandising techniques to make that happen.


Why use a professional stager?

Staging a home is no job for the inexperienced.

It’s all about maximizing the value of your investment. At Live Play Work we have staged hundreds of properties and know how to bring out the best in each home we stage. Top realtors and developers choose us because our work stands out and gets results.

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