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Workout at home!

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

Most people think it is too expensive or distracting to workout out home. This is where they are wrong!

Being physically active is a lifestyle choice and one that everyone should do. Having the convenience of a gym in your home will only make you more inspired and focused. It has always been my philosophy to encourage people to work out at a gym close to their home or in their home.

I have heard every excuse in the book of why someone can't go to the gym or find the time. Too much work, not enough time, to many obligations, my kids, my partners needs etc, etc. These are exactly the reasons you should be exercising and regularly. I do not need to list the medical benefits of a healthy lifestyle and being active; we have all heard them a million times.....

At Live Play Work we have designed and built gyms for every type of background from professional athletes to the most novice fitness enthusiast and every budget imaginable. You would be surprised how with a little planning and spacial awareness we are able to design and build motivating, innovative gyms.

Imagine your own gym, pumping your favourite music and having to share it with no one. IT'S A GREAT FEELING...Not to mention the convenience and ability to design fitness routines that motivate and inspire you.

Being active will only improve your life; not only at work but with your loved ones also. Having your own gym will take it to a whole new level......


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