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Retail Window Display.....

Many retail spaces LIVE PLAY WORK designs for have amazing window marketing capabilities. The windows are quite often the first place a businesses product and or brand are introduced to a potential customer. As such, it should be treated with great care and design perspective.

Here are a few tips when designing and maintaining your retail window space.

1. Think in visual planes:

Height placement and eye perspective are critical to attract potential customers.

2. Be creative and surprise your customers:

Use bold shapes and bright colours to grab the attention of your customers. It is hard not to notice when colour and shapes are used correctly. Also, tell a story and be creative visually.

3. Update your window:

Do not be complacent when it comes to window displays. Your custumers will notice and it will reflect bad on your business and brand. Implement a strategy and schedule, and most importantly stick to it.

Eg. Seasonal displays, Product introduction or even sale events...

4. Use Lights:

This is can go very wrong if not done correctly. The lights, but more specifically the fixture design and colours need to be cohesive with your display and product promotion. In addition to the lights, the correct bulb should be used. For example pin spots to narrow in on a product or an idea; to a subtle wash to create mood. Take time and chose wisely, and also plan in advance and have a budget set aside.

5. Keep It clean:

This is very self explanatory, but you would be surprised how many displays are not maintained and cleaned properly between set-up and take down. Schedule this into your daily maintenance and cleaning regiment.

6. Have a budget:

The worst thing a business can do is have no budget for window displays. This is one area that it pays to set aside a proper budget. Many retail locations have incredible walk by traffic and access to thousands of potential clients weekly, if not daily. Take advantage of this......

Larger establishments have divisions dedicated only to visual displays. The reason they have this is because window and visual displays can make or break a business.

For more information on how LIVE PLAY WORK can assist your business in designing and implementing a plan for your window display, contact us today.

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