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Get rid of the clutter

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

Being organized is a state of mind, and the best way of getting rid of clutter is getting rid of things you no longer use.

1. If you have not worn a piece of clothing for a year, chances are you never will...get rid of it.

2. Junk drawers do not work...get rid of them. Use organizing envelopes to keep track of important papers and bills.

3. Kitchen:

-You do not need 5 spatulas or mixing spoons. Keep 1 of each and get rid of the rest....

-Mugs: One for each member of your household. get rid of the rest....

4. Organize your clothes

-Colour coordinate your closet.

-Organize your shoes by style, type and seasonal use.

-Use drawer boxes and dividers to organize your clothes. Eg. socks and underwear.

-Once your done wearing a piece of clothing put it away, don't throw it in a pile or on a piece of furniture.

Being organized is a state of mind. Getting rid of clutter and confusion will awaken a whole new part of you that will make you more inspired and motivated; and will allow you to have more time to do things you really want to do. The possibilities are endless and maybe by cleaning out that space you might pick up that hobby again or quite possibly build your very own private space (Gym, yoga studio...) just a few ideas for you to transform your life.....

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